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Dedicated to providing quality recruitment services to clients since 2008  

Having a flexible approach to staffing is the key to success for many businesses. Find out how we can help.

Employer Benefits Of Using Our Services

  • No Employee Contracts
  • No Redundancy Or Layoff Costs
  • FREE Job Advertising
  • No Hiring Mistakes
  • Cope Easily With Fluctuations In Workload
  • Fulfil Specialist Project Needs
  • Cover Sick Or Holiday Leave
  • Spread Staffing Costs
  • Ease Payroll Administration
  • Ease Cashflow
  • Eliminate Excess Staffing Costs 

Our Aim

To develop open and honest partnerships with both clients and candidates. By building trust and understanding of your requirements we can ensure that we deliver a quality service that exceeds your expectations time after time. 

What's Important?

Our first question is what's important to you? We put you first and focus on your requirements and what is important to your business 


By using our services you don't have to worry about costly recruitment mistakes. With our wealth of experience you can leave everything in our hands

Why Choose Us?

With years of experience serving local industries, we know we must be doing something right. Many of our customers who are with us now have been with us since the start 

No Obligation

It costs you nothing for us to provide initial candidates with you. You are not committed to anything until a suitable employee is found and commences employment with you.

Call: 0121 765 0077 or email: info@goldlinerecruitment.co.uk

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